$ 17.00

Country Colombia
Region Quindio
Varietal Catura
Producer Noel Bedoya
Farm Santa Ana
Processing Natural
Altitude 1450 Meters
Harvest Current
Roast Light/Medium

Tasting floral and wine aroma, ripe fruits, sugar cane sweetness, buttery mouth-feel


This coffee comes from producer Noel Bedoya and has been a year long project perfecting the natural (dry) process. This coffee is grown at elevations ranging from 1450-1800 masl in the department of Quindio, town of Quimbaya.

This particular coffee is only exported to South Florida in small quantities and we are currently the only roaster carrying it. We love the story behind the farm, the family connection here in town and most importantly, the beautiful nuances this coffee has to offer.

 Natural process at Santa Ana

When it comes to Natural processing, we go back to the beginning of coffee processing history. The cherries are manually collected when they are at a mature ripeness (grape colored). The cherries are then immersed in water tanks for classification where the floaters are removed, this helps prevent coffee berry borer. Post classification, the cherries are taken out of the tanks and set to dry on raised beds. The whole cherry is dried together (pulp, mucilage, and bean). This allows the bean to absorb the mucilage. Once the drying process is complete the dried cherries are then placed in Grain Pro bags for a time period of about 5 months where the coffee becomes stabilized to guarantee a better sensory profile in the cup.