About Us

SwitchBox Coffee

We are a specialty coffee roaster and cafe in Oakland Park, Florida. Our passion is quality from farmer to consumer and our goal is simple; craft the best cup of coffee! Although the last decade of roasting has taken us out west and beyond, we actually started our coffee journey here in South Florida and are excited to be back home!

Our coffee 

 We begin with some of the best green coffee we can source directly from farmers or through strategic broker partnerships. Cupping fresh, current crop (think seasonal) coffees will allow us to make informed decisions and only purchase the right coffee we feel can be made into something special through our small batch roasting process. Coffees are then profiled (each of course being different) in order to find that "sweet spot". We then roast these coffees to the ideal temperature(s)/profiles in order to develop those complex flavors, sweetness and clarity that result in a balanced cup.


Come see us

 We love coffee and its endless opportunities to meet people and create community! Through education and some exploration we hope to look at coffee a bit differently than what you may expect. Transparency is also a core value to Us. We believe it can open the door for the sharing of ideas, discussing our business practices, or engaging in those deeper coffee conversations.