Ethiopia-Daniel Miju

$ 18.00

Country  Ethiopia
Region Worka kebele, Gedeb
Varietal  Heirloom
Farm Daniel Miju
Processing  Natural, dried on raised beds
Altitude  1900-1950 Meters
Harvest  Current
Roast  light

Tasting notes: floral, blueberry, dried fruits, really sweet coffee


Daniel Miju is a septuagenarian coffee farmer and native of the Worka kebele of southern Ethiopia’s Gedeb district. Miju’s experience farming precedes his involvement as a founding member of the Worka cooperative in 2006 by nearly three decades, having inherited his 15 hectare farm in 1978 (the same year Royal was founded). He has surrounded himself with a large and supportive family, many of whom still live locally and assist with the annual harvest. His farm has intercropped mango, avocado, false banana, and other shade trees to improve biodiversity.

His farm was selected as a model example in 2014 for the cooperative, and although his coffee is sold through the centralized ECX auction system, this lot is fully traceable through the partnership Royal has established with the YCFCU (the umbrella Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union covering coops in the Gedeo Zone) to highlight single farmer lots. While not unheard of, it’s exceedingly uncommon to find a single-farmer lot from Ethiopia, so Miju’s coffee presents a unique opportunity to taste a very specific regional terroir.  -Royal Coffee