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Origins Brazil, Guatemala
Region Carmo De Minas, Antigua
Varietal Yellow Bourbon, Bourbon
Processing Washed, pulp natural
Altitude 1400-1550 Meters
Roast Medium

The 811 espresso blend got it's name as we stared at the trains rolling along the 811 highway, a.k.a., Dixie highway. Locals get it. If you have tried one of our signature espresso bevs at the shop, chances are you enjoyed this.

This blend currently consists of a Washed Guatemala, micro-lot and a pulp natural processed Brazil, Pocos De Caldas. The goal was to create a sweet, chocolaty, well rounded blend that pairs well with any milk. Although our coffees will always be seasonal, we aim for a consistent taste profile that satisfies all.

We taste citrus up front, crisp acidity, chocolate notes and land with a sweet, smooth finish.