Decaf Colombia

$ 15.00

Country  Colombia
Region  Planadas, Tolima
Varietal  Caturra, Castillo, Typica
Farm  Smallholder members of AGPROCEM
Processing  Fully washed, Sun-Dried, Sugar cane E.A processed
Altitude  1700-1800 Meters
Harvest  Current
Roast  Medium

This special decaf comes from 37 coffee growers that form a cooperative in the Plandas, Tolima area of Colombia.
Each coffee cherry is picked ripe, depulped, fermented for 14+ hours, and washed three times before being dried and sent for decaffeination. The coffee is decaffeinated using a special E.A. sugar-cane alcohol locally in Colombia, instead of any other added chemicals. By sourcing a really nice micro-lot and utilizing this natural process, we're left with the natural flavors inherent to the seed, which results in a sweeter, cleaner cup.